Announcing 3 New Islands Added: 2x Treasure Islands and Another Order Bot

Hello Treasure Islanders! I’m happy to announce that I’ve launched three new islands, open for visiting for my Treasure Island members. These new islands are available in my members-only area of my Discord at no additional cost to my subscribed members. I hope you all enjoy them!

If you’re a Discord subscribed member with pings on, you probably know all this info from my Members Announcements section, but if you’re been away, here are the latest updates for May 2024!

Update 1: New Order Bot Island: Pangazon 2

Pangazon 2 is a supplemental order bot to Pangazon 1, meaning you can fly in to use one of the Order Bots twice as fast! Instead of an island map covered in treasure, ⁠Pangazon 1 and Pangazon 2 uses an order bot to handle requests from visitors to create a custom map on request with up to 40 requested items for quick pickup.

The benefit of using an order bot is you can prepare what you’d like in advance, and you won’t have any other visitors interrupting your visit while you’re on the island. You simply fly in with the dodo code when it’s your turn, grab your items from the entrance, and immediately leave. You don’t need to run around the island searching for what you need! It’s quick and easy once you learn the commands.

  • New to order bots? Check out ⁠❓┊#instructions-orderbot for instructions in my Discord server!
  • Type your order requests in either ⁠🌴┊pangazon1-bot OR ⁠🌴┊pangazon2-bot – whichever is less busy for quicker entry into the island!
  • Ordered a villager and the villager you ordered is sleeping? Pangazon1 and Pangazon2 are on opposite time zone schedules schedules so the villager should be awake on the other island. For example, if it’s 11PM on Pangazon 1, it will be 11AM on Pangazon 2.

I hope you love the order bots! Any questions? Ask for help with order bots in ⁠🚑┊orderbot-help on my Discord server.

Update 2: Hocus Pocus 2, a Clone of the Most Popular Treasure Island

Hocus Pocus is the most popular of all my treasure islands, and was often full with lots of fly ins and fly outs. I’m happy to announce that I’ve launched a magical clone of Hocus Pocus called Hocus Pocus 2! This clone is identical but will allow more people to enjoy what they love about Hocus Pocus. 🪄

  • ⁠Use the classic Discord channel 🌴┊hocus-pocus1-bot – for the original Hocus Pocus.
  • Island busy? Try out ⁠🌴┊hocus-pocus2-bot for a quicker experience!
  • There is no difference between these islands so choose whichever is less busy.
  • Don’t forget, you can type the command $visitors to learn how many people are on the island, or just check out my island traffic web page for the latest visitor counts on all islands!
  • Check Out Hocus Pocus’ Item Map

Update 3: Meowtain

Last but not least, I’ve released a new treasure island map called Meowtain. Are y’all tired of my cat puns yet, because I will never get tired of them! 😹

Meowtain is similar to Cat Land, my second most visited treasure island map, with a few modifications! The photo, poster and music collections which took up a big chunk of the left side of the island have been replaced with the following:

  • Zen / Harmonious Happy Home Academy Theme Items
  • Storage Sheds and Wooden Storage Sheds (all colours)
  • Super Mario Brothers Collection (decor and clothing)
  • Bush, Tree, Grass, and Mountain Standees

Request a dodo code for Meowtain today in ⁠🌴┊meowtain-bot in the members area of my Discord server!

Like my other cat pun treasure islands, this island features a high 606 turnip price so you can make it rain bells on your island. You can check out the full details on Meowtain’s Treasure Island Map. 🦤✨

What’s Next?!

I’ve been hunting far and wide for more magical switches, and I’m happy to report that I was able to secure one more. I’m developing a brand new island map for an island I’m calling FLORA&FAUNA. 🌿🪲 This island will feature a museum-heavy map, gardening, and outdoorsy sets. I’ll be working hard on this and release this one as soon as I can! I hope you’re as hyped as I am for this fresh new map!

Not a member yet? Learn more about how to access these treasure islands and more on my members sign up page!