12 Hour Livestream 3000 YouTube Subscriber Celebration

Hey everyone! This week, I reached 3000 subscribers on YouTube – I think it’s sticking! I’m so appreciative of your support and I’m having so much fun with you all. On Halloween, I’ll be doing a 12 hour livestream, 6AM EST to 6PM EST! Primarily, I’ll be hunting for villagers for Willow, my new lake & forest themed island. I’ll be giving out PangeBells for bingo lines. The first person to fill their bingo board will win access to my treasure islands for free for one month! Between hunting, as breaks we’ll play some other games like Mario Kart, Minecraft, Words on Stream, etc! Hope to see you there! Here is the link to the stream – if you miss it, a replay will be available!

12 Hour Villager Hunting Animal Crossing New Horions Stream - Thank you for 3000 Subscribers!

Villager Hunting on Willow: Who Are We Hunting For?

I’ll be hunting for villagers for my naturecore / forest theme / lake themed Animal Crossing New Horizons island! You’ll notice that these villagers look like they would fit perfectly as cabins in the woods. Here are some of the villagers I’ll be hunting! (Thank you to Animal Crossing World for the source images of the screenshots below!)

Obviously I have too many normals and too many jocks….I wonder who will will find first?!

I have one dreamie on my island so far – look at Erik! Isn’t he perfect for Willow?

Erik - Lazy Villager Animal Crossing New Horizons
Erik – Lazy Villager Animal Crossing New Horizons

Thank you for joining my on my hunt and hope to see you there! I’ll be hosting the 12 hour livestream on both YouTube and Twitch, and the 12 hour livestream on Twitch will feature the dodo codes for my treasure islands.