Game Mods Used by Pange

Mods are a great way to modify the game experience on a variety of games. Here are my Animal Crossing mods, and Stardew Valley mods.

Mods Used on WispyWoods Island (Animal Crossing New Horizons)

Animal Crossing mods

WispyWoods is my spooky Halloween themed island in Animal Crossing New Horizons). I’m creating this island on a switch with mods installed.

I’m using the following mods by Doom_Mori (check their tumblr too! ):

  • BW Buildings
  • Elf Ears Playerbody
  • Star Trees (replaces fruit)

I’m using the following mods by CrossingSkirvey:

  • Dark Zen Bridge
  • Stone Owl (replaces Barreleye Model)
  • Yellow and White Garden Wagons

I’m using the following mods by KrystalKat:

  • Flower Bucket (replaces squid model)
  • Large Star Fragment Crate (replaces pill bug model)
  • Museum Butterfly Plant (replaces mantis model)
  • Museum Garden Planters (replaces spider model)
  • Museum Mini Planter (replaces firefly model)
  • Museum Plant Bookshelf (replaces mermaid shelf)
  • Museum Starter Plants (replaces the guppy model)
  • Mushroom Crate (replaces pond skater model)
  • Nook’s Basket (replaces wasp model)
  • Nook’s Plant (replaces fly model)
  • Planter Fence (replaces mermaid fencing)
  • Snake Plant (replaces flea model)
  • Star Bucket (replaces dab model)
  • Brown leaves sack (replaces goldfish mod)
  • Yellow leaves sack (replaces sea horse model)
  • Garden Stones (replaces oarfish model)

I’m using the following mods by ohheplays:

  • Cactus (replaces Wharf Roach Model)
  • Card Stand (replaces Crucian Carp Model)
  • Leif’s Fertilizer (replaces Gar Model)
  • Leif’s Plant Shelf (replaces Blue Weevil Beetle Model)
  • Leif’s Plant Starters (replaces Sweetfish Model)
  • Leif’s Stall (replaces Grand Giraffe Stag Model)
  • Leif’s Vegetable Sign (replaces Bluegill Model)
  • Nook’s Cranny Cabinet (replaces Tall File Cabinet)
  • Plant Shelf (replaces Cancer Table)
  • Snake Plant (replaces Arowana Model)
  • Venus Fly Trap (replaces Dung Beetle Model)

I’m using the following mods by YoFriendo:

  • Willow trees & Houses (replaces faux-shearling boots)
  • Mountain Maker Set (replaces cleats every color)
  • Abandoned Conservatory (replaces labelle pumps black, red, purple)

I’m using the following mods by Alex of Fodlan:

  • Flower Beds
  • Purple Castle

I’m using the following mods by RosieHorizons:

  • Tree swing (Replaces hello Kitty Chair)
  • Barrel planter Flowers (replaces water shoes pink)
  • Log and candle set (replaces Migratory Locust model)
  • Greenhouse (replaces Mario shoes)

I’m using the following mods by Miss ACNH:

  • Oldtown Buildings – Replace the Kimono Sandals
  • Sunny day Pergola – replaces ShoesLowcutSlipon0.Nin -> Violet flowers 
  • Fairytale Double Bed – Replaces the Cute Bed
  • TEA TIME TENT – Pocket Camp – replaces bow
  • Cute campers – Pocket Camp – replaces inflatable sofa

I’m using the following mods by twinkle_twin22:

  • Potions Shop items

I’m using the following mods by atsumorimidaz:

  • Ivy Trellis – replaces Golden Meter and Pipes

I’m using the following mods by AncelineN

  • Toned Down Town Hall Interior

I’m using the following Animal Crossing mods downloaded by from Game Banana:

For more Animal Crossing content check out my treasure islands, guessing game, Twitch and YouTube

Welcome to WispyWoods!

Mods Used in Stardew Valley

When I play on PC, I use the following mods (SMAPI).