Star Fragment Streetlight Banner – Galaxycore Design Codes

My galaxycore island in Animal Crossing New Horizons has new star fragment streetlight banners, and I absolutely love them! I was inspired by the variety of Christmas ornaments that have been shared on social media, and I knew I wanted to create “ornament” banners that could be used ALL year round on my space themed island, Moon Stone! I had a lot of fun making these designs. I absolutely LOVE star fragments in ACNH, so having a star fragment custom design was a MUST!

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Designer: Me, Pange! Designer Code: MA-1068-0031-1838

If you end up using this design on your island, be sure to to tag me in a screenshot on Twitter (my username is pangepange) or post your pic on my Discord server in #island-pics so I can check it out!

This is my first custom design on this account. Now that I’ve made this, I’m a bit tempted to make a star fragment / nova light inspired path?! What do you think of that idea?

street lamp with banners
Street Lamp with Banners Item

Behind the Scenes – Pixel Art Process Video

If your curious how this was made, here is a time lapse of my pixel art custom design process!