Who’s That Villager?

Who's That Villager? Animal Crossing Game

Who’s That Villager? Animal Crossing Guessing Game Built with Love by Pange Plays for the ACNH Community FREE TO PLAY, PLAY SOLO OR ON STREAM!

With over 390 silhouetted villagers from Animal Crossing New Horizons, How many villagers can you guess the silhouette of?
You can use hints, or give up and see who stumped ya. Fun game for all ages, come test your ACNH villager knowledge with Who’s That Villager game.

HOW TO PLAY Who’s That Villager?
Simply put any Animal Crossing New Horizon villager that you guess into the text box. Press submit. Text box is not case sensitive.
Hints: Will either give you personality type or catch phrase of the Animal Crossing New Horizon villager being guessed
Give Up? Press give up to see what Animal Crossing Villager has been hiding from you
Want a New Villager? Press New Villager to requests a new Animal Crossing New Horizon Villager to appear

Coming Soon:
Instructions to play on stream with friends!
Possible Chat Integration (Far Future)

Any issues or comments with Who’s That Villager, feel free to contact Pange on Twitter or Discord

Who's That Villager From Pange Plays

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