Introducing Pangazon, Plus All Treasure Islands Back Online

By popular request, I’ve added an order bot island as an additional island on top of the 8 members-only treasure islands currently online. This new island is called Pangazon, and it’s available at no extra cost to all my members!

What is Pangazon Order Bot Island?

Instead of an island covered in treasure, ⁠this island uses an order bot to handle requests from visitors to create a custom map with up to 40 requested items for quick pickup.

The benefit of using an order bot is you can prepare what you’d like in advance, and you won’t have any other visitors interrupting your visit while you’re on the island. You simply fly in with the dodo code when it’s your turn, grab your items from the entrance, and immediately leave. You don’t need to run around the island! It’s quick and easy once you learn the commands.

Members, I hope you love this newest feature!

Plus, We’re Back from Maintenance!

We’ve updated all the treasure islands recently due to a system update. Thank you for your patience while we got everything upgraded. 💜 If you experience any issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via a support ticket in the Discord server or in the #island-help or #orderbot-help channels.