Stardew Valley

Beautiful Stardew Valley Mods I’m Using

When I play on PC, I use the following Stardew Valley visual mods, loaded in via SMAPI. Now that I’ve gotten 100% perfection on my vanilla Nintendo Switch farm, I’m returning to the world of playing Stardew Valley on PC, with gorgeous mods to change the aesthetics of Stardew Valley to a more vintage town feeling. I’m using recolour mods to soften the somewhat bright colours of Stardew Valley.

Currently Installed Stardew Valley Mods

I’m starting a new farm as of February 4, 2023, but here is a screenshot of my previous (WIP) standard farm for reference. I’m excited to be starting a new farm adventure, and I’ll share updates on social media once it starts coming together.

The farm above is a standard farm. My Nintendo Switch SDV farm was a forest farm.