New Year, New Islands! 2024 Treasure Island Plans

Happy new year! I hope your 2024 is going smooth so far. To help keep things smooth in your Animal Crossing life, I’m adding two new treasure islands to the Pange Plays arsenal! 🎉💜

1️⃣ New Public Treasure Island, Available Now 🌮🐱

Today, I’ve launched a third freebie island called TACOCAT, which is a clone of Purrito. Reboot and Purrito are 24/7 free materials islands, and they’re nearly always full. I’m hoping that by adding this third island, it will be easier for you all to fly in and out! You can check out the free dodo section for the live dodo codes that update automatically.

2️⃣ New Members-Only Treasure Island, Coming Soon!

A new members-only island will be added to the Pange’s Place Discord server called HONEYCOMB. I’m working on a brand new map as we speak, and I will launch this new island ASAP!

I plan to heavily showcase items that suit cottagecore islands, plus flowers, shrubs, flower seed bags, pre-stunted trees, and more. If you have any suggestions while I work on it this week, please let me know over in ⁠the Member Chat area of my Discord! I’ll share updates there as well.

Thank you for supporting my Treasure Islands! Don’t forget to bookmark my site for easy access to all the Treasure Island guides.