Animal Crossing New Horizons Update Map Changes

As of today, I have six magical Switches hosting five different Animal Crossing New Horizons maps! I just wanted to let you know that our previous four maps are back up and running and the Animal Crossing New Horizons Update 2.0 island map is on two Switches, Pangea and Nameless. With the update hype, I had four of the islands with the 2.0 map, but we’re back to regular ACNH maps now! I’m working on a new 2.0 focused map for Nameless, so once that’s aready, I’ll swap it out as well.

Here’s a quick preview of the five maps. Be sure to click or tap through to see the full size maps and what’s on each one!

Animal Crossing Treasure Islands Pile of Cat
ACNH Animal Crossing Treasure Islands Super Nova
ACNH Animal Crossing Treasure Islands Hocus Pocus
Animal Crossing Treasure Islands Cat Land
Animal Crossing 2.0 Treasure Island Map

If you’re a member on my Discord server, I have a #map-suggestions channel where you can make requests for specific item sets you want me to include on the new map! Currently I’m focusing on getting all the new 2.0 clothing on it, plus themed decor sets like Elegant, etc. Once that’s done, I’ll be revisiting Pangea’s 2.0 map to optimize flow there and remove items that are easily customizable by you.

Another amazing suggestion I received was having dropped trees at various points in their life cycle. It’s not 2.0 update related, but I’ll include that on Nameless as well.

You are also welcome to comment here with your suggestions!

Thank you to to everyone who has become a member of the channel, whether through Twitch or YouTube! Thanks for your support.