Introducing Stumped Animal Crossing Treasure Island – Open 24/7 for Visitors!

I’m happy to announce that I’ve launched my fifth treasure island! This island is brimming with treasures, open for exploration day and night! If you haven’t checked out Stumped yet, you can find Stumped’s dodo code PLUS my four other freebie treasure islands over on my Free Dodo Code page!

What is the Best Time to Visit Pange Plays Treasure Islands?

Stumped is open 24/7, so you can come visit whenever you need materials and supplies in ACNH. No need to wait for specific hours or worry about missing out—Stumped is here to welcome you anytime, day or night! But due to popular demand, the 24/7 always online islands can be pretty busy. I’m hoping by adding this fifth island that it will let you come and visit more easily!

I’ve been asked a lot lately when the always online dodo code islands are the least busy. According to my analytics software, the least busy times are between midnight and 2AM (EST time zone) and between 4PM and 7PM (EST time zone). Since the islands are free 24/7, there’s quite a bit of traffic even during the lulls, but you may have an easier time during those windows if you’ve been having trouble getting through!

Just a reminder, if you’re getting the wuh-oh message, that’s a good sign! That means that your spot as one of the 7 visitors is locked in, as long as you don’t leave the conversation with Orville or disconnect your internet. If you get the wuh-oh message, don’t disconnect or close the conversation! Keep pressing A in Orville conversation and you should eventually get in. You’ve got this, I believe in you! ✨💜

Preview of Stumped Treasure Island.

What Can I Find on Stumped Animal Crossing Treasure Island?

Stumped is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered! This basic materials treasure island features essential materials for all your crafting news to a limited supply of fish, sea creatures, tools, photos, posters, and more.

Need to stock up on Nook Miles Tickets? Go villager hunting fully stocked so you can find your dreamie villager without having to spend your hard-earned Nook Miles OR spend so much of your time printing out tickets on the Nook Stop. (Why does it take SO LONG to order those Nook Miles Tickets through the machine?!)

How Do I Visit Stumped Treasure Island?

Want to visit Stumped? Simply grab your Dodo Code from the Stumped Treasure Island page and take off! Looking for more? Be sure to check out my full list of ACNH treasure islands maps if you want more options! Remember, always leave via the airport, not the minus button!