Stardew Valley Multiplayer Perfection Tracker

Achieving 100% perfection on a solo farm is complicated enough, but achieving it in multiplayer mode takes some coordination efforts among all players involved. I made this Stardew Valley Perfection Tracker with this goal in mind!

  • This tracker supports farms with up to four players including the host.
  • This tracker was created in Google Sheets. You can create a copy if you have a Google account to keep and edit in your Google Drive.
  • I originally created this tracker for solo farms, then added multiplayer support when I started my streaming series, Modspoon, with the members of my moderation team over on YouTube! I figured I’d share it in case it was useful to others who wanted a streamlined way to share progress.
  • You can use this solo or on a multiplayer farm!
Stardew Valley Perfection Tracker - MULTIPLAYER

How Does Perfection Work for Multiplayer Farms?

In Multiplayer games, the Perfection Tracker in Qi’s Walnut Room will show a single perfection score shared across all players. The percentage breakdown for each category (with the exception of buildings crafted and Golden Walnuts Found, since Golden Walnuts are shared among all players) will show the highest score any of the players in the game have completed.

For example, this means that only one person needs to catch every fish for the score to show 100% for that category. Only one Gold Clock needs to be crafted on the farm.

However, the tasks that make up a category goal cannot be shared amongst players. For example, if one player completes half of the Monster Eradication goals and another player completes the other half, the Monster Slayer task is not complete since no single player has completed all of Monster Slayer tasks.

In addition, the Wedding Ring must be crafted to obtain Perfection in multiplayers. This is not necessary in single player.

How Does This Perfection Tracker Work?

This Google Sheet tracker consists of one main tab that estimates your perfection progress taking into consideration of all multiplayer players’ check lists. By sharing the document sheet with your multiplayer group, you can all check off what you’ve done within one document to help keep on track.

Within the sheet, there are different tabs for the different perfection requirements:

  • Produce & Forage Shipped
  • Obelisks on Farm
  • Golden Clock on Farm
  • Monster Slayer Hero
  • Great Friends
  • Farmer Level
  • Found All Stardrops
  • Cooking Recipes Made
  • Crafting Recipes Made
  • Fish Caught
  • Golden Walnuts Found

I’ve also included a few bonus trackers for the Stardrop tasks like scarecrows and museum submissions.

Can I also use this for solo farms?

Yes! Please note that you don’t need to to the Wedding Ring crafting when solo so you can just marked that completed for the estimate.

How to Use Pange’s Stardew Valley Perfection Tracker

Step 1: Make a Copy of the Google Sheet

First, make a copy of this document for yourself. Select File > Make a Copy. Please don’t request access to this sheet because this is the master document and I don’t want anyone to make accidental edits to it. Just make a copy so you can edit it any way you see fit!

How to Make a Copy of the Stardew Valley Perfection Tracker

Step 2: Setup Your Farm Details

On the home tab of the Perfection Tracker, type the name of your farm where it says “Type Your Farm Name”. Use the drop down to choose how many players are on your farm. Then, type in the names of your players in the orange highlighted area.

Stardew Valley Perfection Tracker on Google Sheets

Step 3: Assigned Tasks to Co-Op Team Members

You’ll most likely want to assign different players different tasks so one player is not overwhelmed with the huge to-do lists. There is a red highlighted drop down box in the “Assign a Player” column. Whatever you assign here will automatically populate in the individual tabs for each perfection task.

Step 4: Share With Co-Op Players

How Do I Update The Perfection Tasks?

Along the bottom of the Google Sheet, you’ll see a tab for each category of perfection tasks. Here is an example of the Shipping task tracker. The assigned player for the task would click on the check box to the right of the task item to add a check mark. Each check mark will tally up to indicate your % tracker. This is automatically updated on the home sheet “Perfection Tracker” for easy reference.

Shipping Perfection Tracker Example:

Friendship Perfection Tracker Example:

Some of the simpler trackers I’ve included a column for all players, in case you want to race towards perfection in that category. The designated player will be highlighted in orange, but all players are welcome to include their progress if they want to race against the designated player. Here is an example pulled from the Friendship tracker. The percentage in the top corner would reflect the player who has the MOST amount of NPCs befriended with full hearts, regardless of whether they are the assigned player or not.

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Special Thanks

  • Special thanks to Nessa and Anna for testing this sheet with me as we aim to get Perfection together on our multiplayer farm, Modspoon!
  • Special thanks to the Stardew Valley Wiki for many of the item sources and other info. Seriously, are we even playing Stardew Valley if we don’t have the Stardew Valley wiki open and a bunch of spreadsheets?! 🤣
  • Special thanks to Holiday Hawk for the inspiration for this multiplayer tracker!