Animal Crossing Treasure Islands

12 Dodo Codes for Members and 4 More Dodo Codes for EVERYONE!


How Do I Access The Free Animal Crossing New Horizons Treasure Island Live Streams?

I host some ACNH treasure islands for free on my Twitch channel. For my latest schedules check here!

I also host free animal crossing treasure island streams to Discord from time to time. Just check our #free-treasure-islands announcement channel for times and locations OR sign up for free treasure island pings in #✨role-call to get pinged the next time the free ACNH treasure islands are live!

How Do I Access the ACNH Treasure Islands 24/7?

I’m so thankful to my community who supports me through membership and helps my channels grow. As a thank you, I host the treasure islands 24/7 inside my Discord server in the members-only area. You can become a member of Pange Plays by one of three ways:

Then to access the 24/7 ACNH treasure islands join our Discord. The Pange Plays Discord Server where the Animal Crossing New Horizons Treasure Islands are hosted 24/7, with the ability to spawn any item, or villager you desire! We can also MAX your ABD with MAX BELLS! Get 999,999,999 BELLS!!!! Become a bellionaire!!!

By doing any of these previous steps, you can access the members only area Discord to get my dodo codes any time! Use my item spawner bots to drop items on request or request any adoptable villagers!

For Twitch and YouTube integration, you’ll need to link your Discord account to your Twitch or YouTube in your Discord account settings. AND syncs happen once per hour so it may take time to open the member only discord area. So patience please! Mee6 integration is linked immediately as long as you use the same Discord account to sign up as you access the server.

Reminder if you have Prime on Amazon you get 1 free Twitch subscription every month! So please consider subbing to the channel to help us keep these islands alive and going!

Membership while active include:
24/7 Island Access

How do I connect my Discord account to Twitch or YouTube?

If you subscribed to my channel on Twitch or joined my membership program on YouTube, be sure to check out my connection guide to learn how to connect your Twitch or YouTube social account to your Discord account.  By connecting your accounts, Discord will unlock your role on the hourly sync.  If you have any problems connecting, ask for help in the Discord help channel on my Discord server.

How to Connect Your Discord to Twitch or YouTube Guide

Do the Animal Crossing Treasure Islands have maps?

Yes! And lists of the the kinds of items on the islands! Check out the maps here.

View All Treasure Island Maps

Animal Crossing 2.0 Update

ACNH 2.0 Updates are now here!!!!!! I have two dedicated 2.0 animal crossing treasure islands that include 2.0 update items. StarHollow is my first 2.0 update island, with every single DIY, old and new, plus MANY of the 2.0 update items. Meanwhile, Pangea has nearly every update item! All other treasure island maps have been updated for the Animal Crossing 2.0 update now!

Thank you for your support!

P.S. Check out my new Animal Crossing New Horizons villager guessing game!