12 ACNH Dodo Codes Now Available at Pange Plays Treasure Islands

This month, I’ve launched three new island maps! I still find it hard to believe that I’ve got 12 islands up and running, but here we are! 12 dodo codes are officially available across all my islands!

Let me tell you about the latest islands.

Welcome to Honeycomb Treasure Island

Honeycomb is the newest members-only island. It’s a cottagecore and fairycore dream, featuring a variety of cottage and foresty themed decor items and a range of pastel items. If you’re looking for an island where you can find a ton of pink items in one place, definitely check out Honeycomb!

The left side of the island and top right of the island features cottagey, natural items, including every flower and shrub.

The bottom right side of the island features primarily pastel items, with a mix of

In the very uppermost top right of the island, there is all authentic Redd artwork and statues to submit to your museum. I’ve also included a row of fake artwork and statues for decorating purposes.

If you have access to the members-only area of my Discord, you can request the dodo code right now! Want access? Check out membership page for more details.

Honeycomb is now indexed on the item search page as well, so you can lookup an item name for the specific location!

Honey Comb Treasure Island Map

Welcome to CoffeeBean Treasure Island

CoffeeBean is my newest free treasure island! If you’ve never visited my always-online treasure islands, you’ll find CoffeeBean and three other treasure islands on my free ACNH dodo code page. The ACNH dodo codes are displayed right on the island page, so you don’t need to log in or jump through any hoops. Just pick the treasure island you want to visit, find the dodo code, and come visit anytime!

CoffeeBean is similar to my island, Hocus Pocus, but I’ve added new decor items, like wooden decor, precrafted in ALL colours. I’ve added book-themed items. I’ve added giant robots, monster statues, and light houses. There are some other additions as well! Have fun exploring.

I’ve received questions about my DIY recipes. Yes, you may learn the DIYs while on the island! Just make sure to close your nook phone if someone is trying to fly in or out.

Coffee Bean Treasure Island

I talked about TacoCat the other day, but at the time, I wasn’t finished making the island map graphic. Well, the map is ready now! So next time you request your dodo code for TacoCat, you can reference the map to find what you’re looking for more easily.

Wondering why TacoCat is called TacoCat? Tacocat backwards is “tacocat”. That’s all there is to it! I felt like it was a good pairing with the Purrito, another fun cat+food island.

TacoCat Treasure Island