Purrfecto is here! Materials & Nook Miles Redemption Treasure Island

This island is PURRFECT if you’re looking for a nook miles redemption treasure island or a materials, crafting, and DIY island!

I’ve added a new island to the Pange Plays Treasure Island collection, Purrfecto! This island is available 24/7 to subscribed members of my Discord channel. Purrfecto is now the ninth treasure island that I am hosting, and the seventh 24/7 members-only island. If you’ve already joined my membership program, you can visit this island immediately on my #purrito-bot channel on Discord. You can learn more about this treasure island on my maps page. Here are the key details you’ll want to know:

What’s on Purrito Treasure Island?

This island is similar to my free islands, Reboot and Purrito, in the sense that it features ALL DIYs and ALL materials, so you can craft up all the items you could dream of. Those two islands are nearly always full all day long, so this members-only island will be much easier to fly into to get your DIY fix. It’s much less busy on those islands. It also features every nook mile redemption decor item, in all colour variations. Every Nook Miles Redemption DIY recipe is also available precrafted in all colour variations.

I’ve included every festivale item, every Sanrio item, and every wedding item. In every colour, you’ll find the ever-so-popular castle items, including the coordinating medieval walls and decorative pillars.

I need to sell my Turnips! Can Purrfecto help?!

Have turnips you need to sell? This island will have a 606 Turnip Price every day excluding in-game Sundays! This island is on the opposite AM/PM cycle of my other two 606 price islands, Cat Land and Pile of Cats, so if Nooks Cranny is closed you can still visit Purrfecto for your turnip selling needs!

Learn more about this island, Purrfecto, on my maps page today! If you want a sneak peek of what my members-only islands are like, map wise, feel free to check out my free dodo codes as well! Thank you for your patience flying in as the two free islands, Purrito and Reboot, are extremely busy. 💜✨