Stardew Valley

New Resource Released: Stardew Valley Perfection Tracker with Multiplayer Support!

I love racing towards perfection in the farming sim Stardew Valley. It’s a thrill to conquer all the perfection tasks, but it can get complicated FAST. Keeping track of all the requirements is hard without taking notes. I created a Google Sheet tracker for myself, then modified it to support multiplayer when I started playing multiplayer coop Stardew Valley with my mod team, Anna and Nessa. If you consider it complicated to achieve perfection in solo mode, it’s even more chaotic in multiplayer. With so many things happening at once and the clock constantly ticking, having a checklist keeps everyone on track.

I have a new page uploaded in the Stardew Valley section of my site containing my Stardew Valley Perfection tracker. You are free to make a copy for yourself. You can use it for both solo player or multiplayer playthroughs! I hope this tracker is helpful for your Stardew Valley perfection runs! If you have any feedback or bug reports, please let me know on my Discord server.