Improved Map for Pile of Cats Treasure Island Released

This week I’ve updated the Pile of Cats treasure island map. This map is primarily furniture, with a 1.0 furniture catalog area, for all your item cataloguing needs.

I love reading everyone’s suggestions for my treasure islands. One of the biggest requests I’ve received about the treasure islands is to have an island with the authentic and fake Redd artwork and statues more clearly marked. I previously had a single green arrow (authentic/real Redd artwork) and a single red X (fake/forgery Redd art). I’ve now moved all the authentic artwork together and paved it, with the green arrow below it. I’ve made another separate area with all the fake authentic artwork together and paved it, with the red Xs below it. I think this will make it more easy to see which ones are authentic for your museum collection.

I moved the villager houses as well and got rid of the south beach. This gave me the space to make a little cottagecore area plus some other improvements.

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I hope you enjoy this treasure island update!

Check my schedule for my next free streams to check out this island, or it’s available now for my current subscribed members!

xoxo Pange 💜✨