Pile of Cats Treasure Island Map Update News

Animal Crossing’s 1.11 update included many new items, plus some new Halloween DIYs to learn. I’ve updated one of the treasure island maps, Pile of Cats, to include an updated Spooky Set decor area, with precrafted Halloween items. I’ve also dropped pumpkins in each colour right next to them so that you can easily change the colour of these items from orange to the green, yellow or white colourway variations. Additionally, I’ve updated the DIY area at the right side of the island to include the new spooky DIY recipe cards. Check out my maps page for the full details.

If you’re a YouTube Superfan or Twitch sub, you’ll have access to this updated map via Discord right now. If not, I’ll be going live with this map tonight at 9PM EST on YouTube. See you then!

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