Reboot Treasure Island’s Festive Makeover

Greetings everyone! I’ve been a bit quiet on the website announcements lately, since most of our action has been happening over on the Pange Plays Discord server. With the holiday season in full swing, I gave Reboot a festive makeover! If you haven’t visited Reboot before, it’s my materials island, which is available 24/7 on my website on my free dodo code page. On this page, you can access the dodo codes for two islands, Reboot and Purrito.

I plan to add a section on Reboot for festive items and toy day items later this weekend, so be sure to stop by again to see the latest and greatest.

Did you know I have a TikTok account? That’s right, I’m over on TikTok under the name @pangeplays. I’m trying to reach 1000 followers over there so I can unlock streaming on that platform. If you use that social platform, I’d appreciate a follow! I plan to post Animal Crossing New Horizons and cozy gaming content over there. Thank you so much!


Happy Holidays! My #ACNH treasure island reboot has a festive makeover! 🎄🎁 I have two FREE treasure islands with live dodo codes up 24/7 on my website, no membership or login requred! Visit to get the codes! #AnimalCrossing #animalcrossingnewhorizons #dodocodes #dodocodetoday #pangeplays #acnhtreasureisland #treasureisland

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Happy Holidays! 🎄🎁