Introducing Purrito: More 24/7 Animal Crossing Treasure Island Codes!

Looking for more Animal Crossing treasure island codes? Experiencing interference on my free treasure island Reboot? We now have a second free 24/7 treasure island dodo code option available. Each Animal Crossing New Horizons island can host 7 visitors, so adding this new island doubles our visitor slots for the free island from 7 to 14 simultaneous visitors! I’m as pleased as a purring cat in a burrito to announce this fabulous news!

What can you find on Purrito ACNH Treasure Island?

Here is the island map for Purrito! Similar to Reboot, you’ll find:

  • crafting materials of all kind
  • DIYs
  • KK Slider music records
  • nook miles tickets
  • ACNH villager posters and villager photos
  • fish, sea creatures, and bugs
  • gyroids
  • bells in 99K bell stacks
  • and royal crowns, which sell for 300,000 bells a piece at Nook’s Cranny!

What makes Purrito different is Purrito features some precrafted seasonal decor sets, including:

  • the Mush / Mushroom Set
  • Autumn Set
  • Spooky Set
  • Wedding Decor!
PURRITO - the newest 24/7 Animal Crossing New Horizons totally free treasure island!

How Can I Request the Animal Crossing Treasure Island Codes for Purrito?

Purrito is currently available to everyone for free! You don’t need to be a member of my treasure islands. View my free dodo code page for dodo codes for both of my always open treasure islands: Reboot and Purrito!

I hope you love Purrito. Thank you to our lovely members for supporting my islands and making this new island possible! If you want to help support these islands too, please consider checking out my memberships for access to 6 more islands. 💜 See you at the next Twitch livestream!