What’s new for Treasure Islands 2023

I’m always trying to make improvements to my Animal Crossing New Horizons Treasure Islands and website to make these treasure islands the BEST treasure islands. Here are some of the features that I’ve launched lately!

The Free Dodo Code Island is Now Open 24/7!

  • Free dodo codes that are always open is one of my community’s biggest requests. I’m happy to announce that the free dodo code test of our 24/7 free island was a total success! My partner and I have configured this island to automatically refresh the dodo code live on my website. Not only that, there is now a live snapshot image of the island, so you can refresh the page any time to see what’s currently happening on the island – you’ll be able to see if the island dodo code is being reset, for example. In event of a crash, the island bot will automatically reset the code. We are keeping this island open 24/7 moving forward, so feel free to enjoy this materials island as a freebie preview. Feel free to upgrade to membership for full access.
  • Visit Reboot for a free dodo code!
    Reboot - Active Dodo Code in 2023
    • Added Active Visitors Count

      • Each treasure island can host up to seven guests at a time. If you want to know at a glance which treasure island is currently the quietest, head on over to the treasure island status page. The active visitors count has also been added above each map on the treasure island maps page.

    • New and Improved Signup for Treasure Island Access Flow

      • I’ve made the pricing more clear for the three different methods of signing up for ACNH dodo codes, and outlined exactly what you can expect and how you can cancel at any time.

    • Now Accepting PayPal in addition to Credit Card

    • Pile of Cats Island Improvements

    • Star Hollow Island Improvements

    I hope you’ve been enjoying these changes. My next plan of action is to update the Pangea map, so if you have any requests, please let me know in the ✨┊map-suggestions area on the Discord.