ACNH Treasure Islands Memberships

ACNH Treasure Islands

Hi! I’m happy to share a new way to gain access to my ACNH treasure islands. You can subscribe directly to my Discord server to gain the Treasure Island Member role via this link: This is cheaper way to subscribe and support the animal crossing treasure islands if you don’t need the YouTube perks (emotes & shoutouts in vids) or Twitch perks (emotes & ad free viewing). :pangehype: With this new method, we’re phasing out server boosting as a method of gaining access to the ACNH treasure islands. Discord does not share any of the revenue with its creators outside of their partner program. We’ve been denied partnership a few times despite exceeding the minimum criteria, so we prefer to move these memberships over to Mee6 which has a more fair split for their creators. Thank you for understanding! For current server boosters @Server Booster , we’ll be keeping island access open for boosters with an active boost until March 31st, 2022. After that, server booster role won’t have access to the treasure areas.
pangepLove Please never feel pressured to subscribe – I will continue to stream the free treasure islands sessions check: ✨schedule📆 for times. Thank you everyone who hangs out and chats with us. Our community has grown bigger than I ever thought it would. I appreciate every one who joins! Thank you everyone!! Streaming and hosting these treasure islands has made a hard year bearable.