New Feature: Treasure Island Item Search Lookup Tool

While exploring a treasure island can be fun, sometimes, you just want to find the specific item on your wishlist as quickly as possible. I’ve created maps that tell you the general area an item can be found, but sometimes it’s hard to know what item belongs to a certain category. That’s where my new tool, the Treasure Island Item Search, will help you!

All the items on the islands are being indexed, one by one, so that you you want a plain ordinary cushion, for example, you can just type “cushion” into the tool to find the specific location of that item on which treasure island. This will save you time of wandering the aisles, wondering where that elusive cushion could be hiding…

Currently I have three of the six treasure islands indexed: Hocus Pocus, Cat Land, and Pile of Cats. I’ll be adding the additional three islands as soon as they’re finished being indexed for your convenience.

You can find the treasure island item search lookup tool here, or under the Treasure Island menu > Item Search. I hope this feature makes navigating my treasure islands even easier!

If you encounter any issues with this tool, please don’t hesitate to let me know. The islands are being indexed manually by me and my husband. I’d love to hear your suggestions for the tool as I coded it myself from scratch as well. 😊 You can contact me on my discord server.