12 Days of Christmas – Looking for YOUR Festive Islands! Animal Crossing

Festive season is in full swing, and so many of our Animal Crossing New Horizons islands are starting to look so Christmasy! I’m looking to tour some Christmas Animal Crossing dream addresses for an upcoming series, 12 Days of Christmas! If you have a festive island (or a winter vibe), feel free to submit to me! Please fill in my form if you’re interested in participating!

I’ll be recording myself touring your islands and posting it on my YouTube channel Pange Plays. I’ll record either dedicated tours (for complete islands) or a compilation video for festive areas if you don’t have a full festive island! I’ll include credit to you with a shoutout to your channels/socials/etc, plus direct links in pinned comment and description! Be sure to fill in all the details in the form so that I can provide the proper link outs.

I can’t wait to visit your Christmas Animal Crossing islands!

In this season of giving, I’m also happy to announce we’re hosting another treasure island giveaway on our Discord server!

We are giving away 1 month access to the Treasure Islands to some lucky winners! Just post a screenshot of what you’re up to on ACNH in #treasure-island-screenshot-contest the more people who enter the more winners will be drawn. Share the event link to get friends to enter too! Treasure island access will be granted in the form of a custom role that unlocks the members-only! Let’s see what’s new on your islands!

Pange Plays Animal Crossing Treasure Island Christmas Giveaway