Star Hollow Treasure Island Updated Map Now Features Flowers!

I’ve released an updated map for Star Hollow which is accessible now for subscribed members of my Discord Server!

On this map, I’ve moved the villager houses into the “void” area of the map, leaving more room for items. The most important change is the addition of plantable flowers, five of each variety. I’ve included all standard flowers, hybrid flowers, gold flowers, and lily-of-the-valley. Previously you could only get flowers on Cat Land Treasure Island, but now you have multiple options for your flower fix. 🌸✨

Here are the new items you can find in each acre of the map. I’ve included the acre map below the list if you want to cross reference. As always, you can use my item search to find items across all maps as well! I’ve updated the item search to include these items referenced below.

New Items in Acre Zone F6:

  • grass-green folding
  • duster
  • protein shake
  • nook inc balloon
  • takeout coffee
  • chocolate soft serve
  • matcha-vanilla soft serve
  • rainbow soft serve
  • chocolate donut
  • matcha donut
  • white-chocolate donut
  • strawberry donut
  • strawberry cone
  • ramune soda lemon cone
  • chocolate cone
  • vanilla cone
  • orange mint cone
  • bitter orange folding fan
  • peachy pink folding fan
  • sky blue folding fan

New Items in Acre Zone F2:

  • ALL PLANTABLE FLOWERS, 5 of each variation

New Items in Acre Zone F3:

This section has been loaded up with miscellaneous popular precrafted people have requested often on my stream or in #map-suggestions on Discord.

  • red-leaf pile
  • yellow-leaf pile
  • green-leaf pile
  • cherry-blossom petal pile
  • wooden box
  • plain-wooden shop sign
  • donation box
  • tiny library
  • signpost
  • angled sign post
  • clothesline pole
  • clothesline
  • document stack
  • scattered papers

New Items in Acre Zone A4:

This section has been loaded up with miscellaneous popular precrafted people have requested often on my stream or in #map-suggestions on Discord.

  • brick oven
  • music stand
  • water pump
  • cosmos shower
  • tree standee
  • mountain standee
  • hedge standee

If you have 24/7 access you can access this updated island now! If you are waiting for free access, check my Twitch livestream schedule for the next stream date.

One last thing: you may have noticed I slightly changed this treasure island’s name. Star Hallow was a reference to a live stream fail where I named a previous city core island with a typo and had to reset my island map in order to correct the problem. This island is named after Star’s Hollow in Gilmore Girls, one of my favourite comfort shows. As an ode to my old island, our community named this treasure island “StarHallow.” However, most people don’t know this reference, and think it’s just a typo. I’ve corrected back to its true name, and will slowly be updated the documentation and references to the island to reflect the properly spelling (limited to 10 characters by Nintendo, of course). Thanks for understanding!