Spooky Season – More Halloween Animal Crossing Decor options!

We’re well into October, and the spooky vibes are growing! Pile of Cats has had spooky Halloween decor for a while now, but I wanted to give people more opportunities to grab these items, so I’ve updated Hocus Pocus to feature spooky decor items as well! Some of the most requested items during my last few Animal Crossing New Horizons treasure island streams have been the lollipops and candy from the spooky event. I’ve now added this right at the entrance of Hocus Pocus as well, so you’ll be ready for Jack’s spooky arrival!

Be sure to check the maps for the latest version of Hocus Pocus!

So to summarize:

  • Hocus Pocus has spooky decor and spooky event candy, plus all spooky DIYs in the DIY A-Z area.
  • Pile of Cats has spooky decor, plus all spooky DIYs in the DIY (system # order) area.
  • Pile of Cats does NOT have the candy.
  • Pile of Cats also has a horror area, where I’ve curated spooky feeling items.