ACNH Update Treasure Island – Pangea

Animal Crossing New Horizons Update Treasure Island Map Clothing and Decor

In order to fit as many of the 9000 new ACNH update items on the treasure island as possible, for many sets, only ONE VARIATION if each type has been provided. This allows us to fit as much as possible in a small area. You can customize the colour of these update items by visiting Cyrus on Harv’s island. Some can be customized with regular customization kits, some can only be customized by Cyrus. Have fun exploring the new update items!

ACNH update treasure island map - Pangea clothing and decor map

Animal Crossing New Horizons Update Treasure Island Map Clothing and Decor

  • 2.0 Update Clothing:
    • tops
    • bottoms
    • outfits (2 piece)
    • shoes
    • socks
    • backpacks
  • 2.0 handheld items
    • pop cans, ice cream cones, fans, etc
  • Gold Tools
  • Various 2.0 Update Decor Items by Theme:
    • School
    • Tech & Robotics
    • Gaming
    • Office
    • Hospital
    • Old Timey
    • Wild West
    • Essentials
    • Kid Decor
    • Froggy Chair
    • Stores / Shopping / Shops
    • Farming
    • Caves and Volcanoes
    • Streetlights and City Elements
    • Zen
    • Ancient Relics
    • Display Cases
    • Cafe Items
    • Kitchen Items
    • Entertainment
    • Hobbies
    • Construction
    • Utility
    • Transportation
    • Sports
  • Decor Sets
    • Gold Set
    • Elegant Set
    • Cool Set
    • Ranch Set
    • Sloppy Set
    • Nordic Set
    • Moroccan Set
    • Patchwork Set
    • Vintage Set
    • Ruined Set (in ancient relics section)
    • Plaza Decor
  • Interior Structure Pillars and Kitchen Counters
  • 2.0 Update Wallpaper
  • 2.0 Update Flooring
  • 2.0 Update Rugs
  • 1.0 and 2.0 Fences / Fencing
  • Ceiling and Wall Decor Items (Dropped)

Searchable ACNH Update Treasure Island Items List

Here is a list of most of the items that you can find on this treasure island! Please note that there may be additional items available as well – I’ve included the main ones! You can search within this page on your device to help you find an item.

2.0 Update Clothing – Shirts

Barista Uniform
Cardigan School Uniform Top
Checkered Sweater Vest
Conductor’s Jacket
Cook’s Coat
Delivery Jacket
Dirty Tank Top
Dj Kk Logo Tee
Dynamic Tank Top
Edo-Period Merchant Outfit
Fast-Food Uniform
Fired-Up Kanji Tee
Hawaiian-Print Apron
Layered Polo Shirt
Loungewear Shirt
Lunch-Service Apron
Nook Inc. Sweater
Open Track Jacket
Paradise Planning Aloha Top
Paradise Planning Blazer

Paradise Planning Event Tee
Paradise Planning Jacket
Paradise Planning Shirt
Paradise Planning Tank Top
Paradise Planning Tee
Python-Print Jacket
Ripped Doctor’s Coat
Robot Hero Tee
Rose-Print Jacket
Sailor’s Shirt
School Uniform With Necktie
School Uniform With Ribbon
Shirt With Striped Vest
Shop Uniform Shirt
Short-Sleeved Uniform Top

Tee And Towel
Tee With Silicon Bib
Tomato Festival Tee
Tropical Cut-And-Sew Tank
Warrior Armor
Zen Uniform

2.0 Update Clothing – Bottoms

Checkered School Pants
Checkered School Skirt
Loungewear Shorts
Python-Print Slacks
Rose-Print Skirt
Rose-Print Slacks
Rubber Half Apron

2.0 Update Clothing – 2 Piece Outfits

Athletic Outfit
Café-Uniform Dress
Clean-Room Suit
Cozy Paradise Planning Coat
Full-Body Glowing-Moss Suit
Full-Length Maid Gown
Glowing-Moss Dress
Long-Underwear Set
Moroccan Dress
Nook Inc. Leotard
Paradise Planning Dress
Paradise Planning Maxi
Paradise Planning Muumuu
Ribbons & Hearts Knit Dress
Samurai Hakama
Steampunk Dress
Vine Outfit

2.0 Update Clothing – Hats

Conductor’s Cap
Cook Cap With Logo
Emergency Headcover
Fast-Food Cap
Glowing-Moss Headband
Glowing-Moss Hood
Glowing-Moss Pointed Cap
Head Bandages
Hygiene-Safety Hood
Knit Cap With Earmuffs
Light-Up Flower Crown
Lunch-Service Cap
Market Auctioneer’s Cap
Mini Straw Boater
Ornament Crown
Paper Restaurant Cap

Plain Do-Rag
Plain Paperboy Cap
Plumeria Hairpin
Punk Hair Wig
Robo Antennae
Safety Helmet With Lamp
Steampunk Hat
Tiny Party Cap
Tough Helmet
Tropical Turban
Twisted Hachimaki
Vine Crown
Wig With Ribbon
Woven-Vines Hat

2.0 Update Clothing – Accessories

Double Nose Tissues
Eye Gauze
Neon Shades
Nose Tissue
Pleated Mask
Round-Frame Glasses
Silly Glasses
Simple Sunglasses
Squared Browline Glasses
Sunflower Sunglasses
Venetian Carnival Mask

2.0 Update Clothing: Socks

Knee Bandages
Knee Braces

2.0 Update Clothing: Shoes

Basic Pumps
Paradise Planning Sandals
Paradise Planning Slippers

2.0 Update Clothing: Bags, Purses, and Backpacks

Asian-Style Clasp Purse
Basket Bag
Beaded Clasp Purse
Bear Backpack
Botanical-Print Backpack
Bread-Print Eco Bag
Camo Tote Bag
Checkered Backpack
Clasp Purse
Delivery Bag
Department-Store Paper Bag
Diamond-Weave Basket Bag
Dreamy Backpack
Dreamy Pochette
Dreamy Ribbon Pochette
Dreamy Unicorn Pochette
Electronics-Store Paper Bag

Fish-Print Eco Bag
Flower-Print Eco Bag
Furoshiki Bag
Instrument Case
Jet Pack
Leopard-Print Backpack
Logo Paper Bag
Logo Tote Bag
Nook Inc. Pochette
Panda Backpack
Pleather Handbag
Polka-Dot Backpack
Python-Print Shoulder Bag
Simple Backpack
Simple Tote Bag
Spacey Backpack

Square Shoulder Bag
Striped Basket Bag
Sword In Scabbard
Tiny-Flower-Print Tote Bag
Veggie-Print Eco Bag
Woven-Vine Pochette
Zebra-Print Backpack
Zebra-Print Shoulder Bag
Zen Clasp Purse

2.0 Update Clothing – Umbrellas

Paradise Planning Umbrella

Handheld Items / Consumable Tools

Berry-Vanilla Soft Serve
Bitter-Orange Folding Fan
Canned Apple Juice
Canned Coffee
Canned Grape Juice
Canned Green Tea
Canned Orange Juice
Canned Soda
Canned Sports Drink
Canned Tea
Chocolate Cone
Chocolate Donut
Chocolate Soft Serve
Colorful Light Stick
Grass-Green Folding Fan
Matcha Donut

Matcha-Vanilla Soft Serve
Melon-Cheesecake Cone
Nice Branch
Nook Inc. Balloon
Orange-Mint Cone
Peachy-Pink Folding Fan
Pocket Magazine
Protein Shake
Rainbow Soft Serve
Ramune-Soda-Lemon Cone
Sky-Blue Folding Fan
Strawberry Cone
Strawberry Donut
Takeout Coffee
Vanilla Cone
Vanilla Soft Serve
White-Chocolate Donu


Bamboo-Slats Fence
Block Fence
Corrugated Iron Fence
Frozen Fence
Green Bamboo Fence
Large Lattice Fence
Log Fence
Log-Wall Fence
Park Fence

+ all original fencing


Curtain Partition
Ekg Machine
Exam Table
Examination-Room Desk
Hospital Bed
Hospital Screen
Iv Drip
Medicine Chest
Modern Hospital Bed
Operating-Room Cart
Rescue Mannequin
First-Aid Kit
Arched Reception Counter


Basic School Chair
Left Chalkboard Section
Projection Screen
Right Chalkboard Section
School Locker
Study Carrel
Strapped Books
Wooden Locker


Ball Catcher
Ski Rack
Volleyball Net
Yoga Mat
Baseball Set


Giant Ornament
Ornament Garland
Ornament Tree
Ornament Table Lamp

Tech & Robotics

Amazing Machine
Cold Sleep Pod
Conveyor Belt
Crew Member’S Seat
Gear Apparatus
Gear Tower
Inspection Equipment
Lab Chair
Meter And Pipes
Robot Arm
Science Pod
Spaceship Control Panel
Strategic Meeting Table
Unknown Machine

Gaming / Office

Copy Machine
Gaming Chair
Gaming Desk
Professional Headphones
Desktop Mic
Office Cabinet
Office Chair
Reception Chair
Reception Counter
Short File Cabinet
Sturdy Office Desk
Tall File Cabinet
Cube Light
Office Materials
Ring Light
Water Bird

Old Timey / Wild West

Covered Wagon
Gold-Nugget Mining Car
Milk Can
Mining Car
Retro Transportation Stop
Antique Cash Register
Antique Map
Antique Radio
Banker’s Lamp
Metal Pot

Essential Decor

Box-Shaped Seat
Full-Length Mirror
Horizontal Organizer
Large Magazine Rack
Long Folding Table
Low Folding Table
Open Wooden Shelves
Project Table
Round Pillow
Simple Bed
Simple Chair
Simple Small Dresser
Simple Sofa
Simple Stool
Simple Table
Simple Vanity
Stair Dresser
Japanese Dresser
Tension-Pole Rack
Upright Organizer
Wood Partition
Wood-Plank Table
Wooden Box
Donation Box
Framed Photo
Key Tray
Wooden Music Box
Medium Wooden Partition
Small Wooden Partition

Kid Decor

Baby Bed
High Chair
Froggy Chair
Lily-Pad Table
Dreamy Bear Toy
Dreamy Rabbit Toy
Dreamy Unicorn Toy
Dress-Up Doll
Flower Tabletop Mirror
Owl Clock
Toy Duck
Dreamy Bed
Dreamy Shelves
Dreamy Wall Rack

Stores / Shopping

Checkout Counter
Corner Clothing Rack
Dress Mannequin
Glass Showcase
Hanger Rack
Hanging Clothing Rack
Merchandise Table
Midsized Clothing Rack
Plastic Clothing Organizer
Shopping Cart
Small Clothing Rack
Small Mannequin
Stacked Shopping Baskets
Standing Shop Sign
Store Shelf
Vertical Banner
Modern Cash Register
Shopping Bag
Shopping Basket
Stack Of Clothes
Stacked Bags
Stacked Shoeboxes
Sturdy Paper Bag
Tablet Device
Tabletop Pop Display
Touchscreen Cash Register

Dessert Case
Frozen-Drink Machine
Ice-Cream Display
Retro Ice-Cream Case
Salad Bar
Afternoon-Tea Set
Bottle Crate
Chafing Dish
Coffee Beans
Dessert Carrier
Stacked Bottle Crates
Fish Container
Stacked Fish Containers


Wheat Field
Winnowing Machine
Wooden Field Sign

Caves and Volcanoes

Dormant Volcano

Paradise Planning

Paradise Planning Candles
Paradise Planning Case
Paradise Planning Cushion
Paradise Planning Mug
Paradise Planning Photo
Paradise Planning Planter
Paradise Planning Tissues
Paradise Planning Hammock

Streetlights and City Elements

Crosswalk Signal
Curved Streetlight
Fire Hydrant
Round Streetlight
Steel Trash Can
Street Lamp With Banners

Zen / Ancient Relics / Display Cases

Azumaya Gazebo
Mochi Pestle
Senmaizuke Barrel
Shoji Divider
Stacked Senmaizuke Barrels
Zen Bench
Zen Low Table
Zen Lowboard
Yunomi Teacup
Zodiac Tiger Figurine
Display Stand
Double-Edged Sword
Elaborate Display Case
Fine Vase
Forbidden Altar
Lighted Display Stand
Plate Armor

Ruined Arch
Ruined Broken Pillar
Ruined Decorated Pillar
Ruined Seat
Sample Case
Samurai Suit
Wide Display Stand
Decorative Plate
Mini Dharma
Mini Golden Dharma
Porcelain Vase
Small Vase
Creepy Skeleton
Suspicious Cauldron
Power Stone

Entertainment and Hobbies

Bubble Machine
Capsule-Toy Machine
Crane Game
Floor Monitor
Game-Show Stand
Karaoke System
Pa Speaker
Plush Massage Chair
Poster Stand
Retro Tv
Retro Massage Chair
Rope Partition
Small Led Display
Snare Drum
Stage Flame Machine

Stage Lights
Stylish Spotlight
Timpani Drums
Backlit Sign
Card Tower
Model Kit
Model Kits
Nearly Busted Radio
Slr Camera
Tabletop Record Player
Tangled Cords
Tv With Vcr
Upright Speaker


Cement Mixer
Construction Scaffolding
Safety Barrier
Safety Railing
Steel Fence


Caged Cart
Rolling Cart
Pile Of Cardboard Boxes
Paint Cans
Spray Can


Cruiser Bike
Luxury Car
Transit Seat
Vehicle Cabin Seat

Bathroom Decor

Bath Stool
Bathroom Stall
Bathtub With Yuzu
Fancy Bathroom Vanity
Handwashing Area
Powder-Room Booth
Square Bathtub
Bath Bucket
Toothbrush-And-Cup Set

Castle Set

Castle Gate
Castle Tower
Castle Wall
Medieval Building Side

Gold Set

Golden Altar
Golden Bathtub
Golden Gear Apparatus
Golden Gear Tower
Golden Meter And Pipes
Golden Plate Armor
Golden Samurai Suit
Golden Vase
Gold Turtle Figurine
Golden Decorative Plate
Golden Dharma
Golden Garden Bunny
Golden Piggy Bank
Golden Urn
Golden Wristwatch

Elegant Set

Elegant Bed
Elegant Chair
Elegant Console Table
Elegant Dresser
Elegant Mirror
Elegant Sofa
Elegant Lamp

Cool Set

Cool Bed
Cool Chair
Cool Dining Table
Cool Low Table
Cool Side Table
Cool Sofa

Ranch Set

Ranch Bed
Ranch Chair
Ranch Cupboard
Ranch Kitchen
Ranch Lowboard
Ranch Tea Table
Ranch Wardrobe

Nordic Set

Nordic Chair
Nordic Low Table
Nordic Lowboard
Nordic Shelves
Nordic Sofa
Nordic Table

Sloppy Set

Sloppy Bed
Sloppy Sink
Sloppy Sofa
Sloppy Table

Moroccan Set

Moroccan Footrest
Moroccan Sofa
Moroccan Tray Table

Patchwork Set

Patchwork Bed
Patchwork Chair
Patchwork Low Table
Patchwork Sofa Chair

Vintage Set

Vintage Desk
Vintage Dresser
Vintage Low Table
Vintage Sofa
Vintage Stool

Cafe and Restaurant

Bistro Table
Busing Station
Large Café Table
Large Covered Round Table
Metal-And-Wood Chair
Metal-And-Wood Table
Small Café Table
Small Covered Round Table
Pro Coffee Grinder

Outdoor / Garden / Plant Decor

Beach Chairs With Parasol
Inflatable Bird Ring
Outdoor Folding Chair
Outdoor Folding Table
Outdoor Kitchen
Plain Party-Lights Arch
Utility Wagon
Garden Chair
Garden Table
Park Fountain
Peacock Chair
Bunny Garden Decoration
Decayed Tree
Coffee Plant
Evergreen Ash
Flower Bed
Flower Display Case
Greenhouse Box
Pine Tree
Plant Partition
Round Topiary
Titan Arum
Triangular Topiary
Casablanca Lilies
Potted Starter Plants

Storage Shed

Storage Shed
Wooden Storage Shed

Kitchen Items

Compact Kitchen
Counter Chair
Counter Table
Covered Counter
Kitchen Counter
Kitchen Dishwasher
Kitchen Stove
Stonework Kitchen
Cooking Tools
Cup With Saucer
Decorative Bottles
Deep Fryer
Fancy Tea Set
Fancy Water Pitcher
Fresh-Food Trays
Glass Jar
Imperial Pot
Veggie Basket
Carp On A Cutting Board

Vines and Glowing Moss Decor

Giant Vine
Vine Bench
Vine Hanging Chair
Vine Lamp
Glowing-Moss Balloon
Glowing-Moss Boulder
Glowing-Moss Pond
Glowing-Moss Statue
Glowing-Moss Stool
Glowing-Moss Jar
Glowing-Moss-Jar Shelves

Interior Structures and Kitchen Counters

New to ACNH update treasure island – room, partition walls and kitchen counters, in low and tall varieties!

Decorative Pillar
Brick Pillar
Concrete Pillar
Golden Pillar
Marble Pillar
Simple Pillar
Steel Pillar
Wooden Pillar
Partition Wall

Low Brick Island Counter
Low Concrete Island Counter
Low Golden Island Counter
Low Marble Island Counter
Low Simple Island Counter
Low Steel Island Counter
Low Wooden Island Counter
Tall Brick Island Counter
Tall Concrete Island Counter
Tall Golden Island Counter
Tall Marble Island Counter
Tall Simple Island Counter
Tall Steel Island Counter
Tall Wooden Island Counter

Plaza Set

Did you know that you can decorate right on your plaza with these new ACNH update treasure island items below?

Plaza Arch
Plaza Balloon Wagon
Plaza Bench
Plaza Clock
Plaza Ferris Wheel
Plaza Game Stand
Plaza Merry-Go-Round
Plaza Train
Inflatable Plaza Toy


Airplane Wall
Antique Brick Wall
Apparel-Shop Wall
Bathhouse Wall
Black European-Style Wall
Black Window-Panel Wall
Blue Moroccan-Style Wall
Brick Garden Wall
Candles Wall
Circus Wall
Club Wall
Coffee-Shop Wall
Concession-Stand Wall
Frozen-Foods Freezer Wall
Glowing-Moss Cave Wall
Glowing-Moss Forest Wall
Glowing-Moss Ruins Wall
Graveyard Wall
Gray Locker-Room Wall
Gray-Shelving Wall
Greenhouse Wall
Hallway Wall

Ice-Cream-Shoppe Wall
Limestone-Cave Wall
Museum Wall
Operating-Room Wall
Orange Moroccan-Style Wall
Outdoor-Window Wall
Paradise Planning Wall
Paw-Print Wall
Pharmacy-Shelving Wall
Red Locker-Room Wall
Retro Restaurant Wall
Room Sketch Wall
Rope-Net Wall
Steampunk Wall
Supermarket Wall
Tent Wall
Train-Window Wall
White European-Style Wall
White Window-Panel Wall
White-Shelving Wall
Zen Architecture Wall


Broken Stone-Path Flooring
Circus Flooring
Club Flooring
Fast-Food Flooring
Glowing-Moss Flooring
Gym Flooring
Hopscotch Flooring
Magic-Circle Flooring
Moroccan Art-Tile Flooring
Natural Flooring
Old Board Flooring
Old Stone-Tile Flooring
Operating-Room Flooring
Paradise Planning Flooring
Patient-Ward Flooring
Restaurant-Kitchen Flooring
Room Sketch Flooring
Rope-Net Flooring
Steampunk Flooring
Tent Flooring


Acorn Rug
Blue Exercise Mat
Blue Hawaiian Quilt Rug
Bone Entrance Mat
Brown Cow-Print Rug
Cherry-Blossom Rug
Coconut Mat
Cookie Rug
Dark Bamboo Bath Mat
Dark Square Tile
Dark Stones Rug
Dark-Wood Flooring Sheet
Dark-Wood Flooring Tile
Elegant Beige Rug
Elegant Black Rug
Elegant Blue Rug
Elegant Brown Rug
Frozen Floor Tiles
Glowing-Moss Rug
Gray Brick Rug

Gray Floor Tiles
Green Bamboo Mat
Green Exercise Mat
Green Exquisite Rug
Green Hawaiian Quilt Rug
Imperial Rug
Large Paradise Planning Rug
Light Bamboo Bath Mat
Light Square Tile
Light Stones Rug
Light-Brown Cow-Print Rug
Light-Wood Flooring Sheet
Light-Wood Flooring Tile
Maple-Leaf Rug
Natural-Wood Flooring Sheet
Natural-Wood Flooring Tile
Natural-Wood Square Tile
Pink Hawaiian Quilt Rug
Record Rug
Red Brick Rug

Red Exercise Mat
Red Exquisite Rug
Red Watermelon Rug
Round Glowing-Moss Rug
Round Vine Rug
Simple Entrance Mat
Skull Rug
Small Paradise Planning Mat
Stage Rug
Starry-Skies Rug
Tree-Stump Rug
White Exercise Mat
White Square Tile
White-Wood Flooring Sheet
White-Wood Flooring Tile
Yellow Bamboo Mat
Yellow Hawaiian Quilt Rug
Yellow Star Rug
Yellow Watermelon Rug

Ceiling Decor Items

Decorating with lights and other ceiling decor items is brand new on the ACNH update treasure island, Pangea!

Bird Mobile
Candle Chandelier
Ceiling Fan
Ceiling Spotlight
Disco Ball
Dreamy Hanging Decoration
Dual Hanging Monitors
Enamel Lamp
Festival Lantern
Festival-Lantern Set
Fluorescent Light
Hanging Cube Light
Hanging Glowing Moss
Hanging Guide Sign
Hanging Lightbulb
Hanging Monitor
Hanging Shelves
Hanging Sign
Hanging Stage Lights
Horizontal Split Curtains
Imperial Lamp
Milk-Glass Lamp
Moroccan Lights
Nordic Pendant Light
Paper-Chain Ceiling Garland
Range Hood
Round Light Fixture
Shaded Pendant Lamp
Simple Shaded Lamp
Spiral Chandelier
Stained-Glass Light
Vertical Split Curtains
Vine Garland
Wood-Shade Lamp
Wooden Pendant Light
Zen Light

Wall-Mounted Decor Items

Bug Poster
Bulletin Board
Dreamy Wall Rack
Dried-Flower Garland
Fancy Frame
Fish Poster
Floral Sconce
Framed Art Poster
Framed Fossil Poster
Framed Poster
Framed Sea-Creature Poster
Glow-In-The-Dark Stickers
Glowing-Moss Wreath
Horseshoe Door Decoration
Light-Bulb Sign
Mounted Mountain Bike
Paradise Planning Poster
Paradise Planning Wall Flag
Pitcher Plant
Raccoon Wall Clock
Simple Wall Shelf
Skateboard Wall Rack
Stylish Wall Spotlight
Wall Planter
Wall Shelf With Bottles
Wall-Mounted Led Display
Wall-Mounted Neon Lamps

Miscellaneous ACNH Update Treasure Island Items*

*These items may be found in the miscellaneous area OR somewhere on the island in little spaces. Happy hunting!

White-Plumeria Start
Pink-Plumeria Start
Gyroid Fragment
Glowing Moss
Souvenir Chocolates
Artsy Chair
Artsy Table
Boxy Stool

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