Updated Winter Twitch Stream Schedule

Hey friends! I’ve updated my stream schedule for my Twitch channel, moving the Tuesday evening stream over to Thursday evenings. I’m exhausted early in the week from my IRL job (Monday through Wednesdays are my busiest days), and I want to have the most energy to host a fun stream with treasure islands for you all. I hope that Thursday evenings works well for you too!

You can visit my stream schedule page for the full details.

Additionally, I removed my YouTube streams from the official schedule. Lately I’ve been using my YouTube channel to host edited content and short video content with the odd stream here or there. I think I was over extending myself having so many streams every week and working my full time job. I don’t want to burn out on my channels so I’ve reduced the total number of streams to a more manageable amount.

Thank you so much for your support, and I’ll see you at the next live stream! The new schedule starts this Thursday.

Lil Doodle drawn by Pange