Pange’s Place Discord and Treasure Island ✨Updates✨

Happy Monday! I’ve got exciting news to share regarding the Animal Crossing New Horizons treasure islands, the Pange Plays discord server, and the website!

Here’s what’s new around here:

Hocus Pocus Treasure Island Now Has CUSTOMIZED FENCE COLOURS!

The last big update for Animal Crossing brought us a ton of new items, and a variety of new fencing colours. Previously I just had the main colour, and you’d have to manually customize them with Cyrus’s customization shop on Harv’s island.

But, have you TALKED to Cyrus lately? He loves to chat. He talks too much. Life is too short to request Cyrus to customize your fences. Is this a hot take? Come visit Hocus Pocus to get stacks of 50 fences, pre-customized to save you time. It’s also pretty inspirational to walk through and see all the options laid out. It’s like shopping for fencing options at the hardware store, but the price of lumber no longer makes you cry. 😂 Here is a sneak peek of the options before you fly in!

Pange’s Place Discord Island Pic Contest – Win 1 Month of Treasure Island Access!

Have you been curious about my treasure islands but haven’t gotten access yet? Enter my island pic contest on Discord for a chance to win! Post one unique island screenshot from your island per day for a random chance to win.

Not a part of my Discord yet? Come join us!

Pange’s Place Discord Mee6 Bot is now Lil PangeBot!

We’ve renamed the Mee6 Bot to Lil PangeBot! With this new name, the bot also adds new economy mini game features to our server. You can earn PangeBells on the server, just for fun, and play some mini games! Check out the #pange-bells-economy area for all the details!

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Pange’s Place Discord Role for Wordle Players – Wordler

I’ve been loving Wordle as my daily dose of brain teasing. If you haven’t played yet, you can view the game here on The New York Times: Wordle. I have an area where we share our Wordle scores, and sometimes we are sad together when we forget to play a day of Wordle and break our streaks. We have a new feature: the Wordler Discord role! Our Discord bot Lil Pange Bot will send you a notification once a day to remind you to Worlde. No more excuses for streak loss! 🙃

Not a part of my Discord yet? Seriously, come join us!

Power Backups are Online!

The treasure islands can be susceptible to downtime if we have a brief power outage. Sometimes these are unavoidable due to the power grid, especially in the summer when people are running their air conditioners. To prevent any of these downtimes, we’ve purchased two UPS systems – backup power supplies that keep us and running in the event that the power goes down until the power can come back online. We had a few situations where the power blipped during the night and we couldn’t fix it until we woke up, so this will be a fabulous solution! It’s been up for a few days and no problems yet!

Bonus: if one of our five cats trips a wire, we’ve got some extra time to plug everything back in, haha.