ACNH Treasure Island #2 – Purrito Materials Island

Animal Crossing Treasure Island Free Dodo Codes are now automatically updated! and Always OPEN!

What is Purrito Animal Crossing Treasure Island? 

Purrito is a basic materials treasure island currently always open 24/7. In addition to materials, there are a limited supply of fish, sea creatures, tools, photos, posters. There are LOT of Nook Miles Tickets. Purrito features a variety of autumn decor items and wedding decor items. This is a basic Animal Crossing treasure island dodo code that is always open. If you’re looking for the full service treasure islands with magic turnips, villager injections, and 7 full maps, check out my full list of ACNH treasure islands.

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Purrito Free Treasure Island 2 DODO CODE:

Pange Plays Free Dodo Code Treasure Island Always Open Live Feed


June 20, 2024: Please note that I’m updating my website starting at 12PM EST June 20, 2024. While I’m doing this maintenance, the treasure island live images and the dodo codes won’t update on my website.

However: The islands will still be online, but the dodo codes will only be available in the FREE TREASURE ISLANDS on the Pange’s Place Discord server while the site is under maintenance.


  • Type $senddodo or $sd in the free treasure island bot channel to get the dodo. The bot will DM you the code.
  • Type $visitors in the bot channel to learn how many others are on the island.
  • Type $gametime in the bot channel to see what day/time it is in game.

I will bring them back online as soon as possible but feel free to join my Discord server if you need the free dodo code islands urgently. Remember to be kind to the dodos! 🦤✨

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Here is the latest always open free dodo code for Purrito ACNH treasure island:


Twitch Live Stream Featuring More Islands

When I go live on Twitch, I have more islands available for free. Request a dodo by dropping by the live chat and type !dodo. These islands are available 24/7 for my members as well! Learn more.

24/7 Live ACNH Treasure Island Free Dodo Code Rules

  • Please leave the island via the airport. Do not use the “-” Button or Leave Quietly.
  • The dodo codes are for your own personal use. Do not share my codes with other communities, etc. Please tell your friends about Pange Plays Treasure Islands by sharing this page or sharing the invite to my Discord server.
  • Stable Internet is required! If you are using a hotspot connection, please do not come to the island.
  • Please do not drop unwanted items around the island. Please empty your pockets before coming to the island. Trash cans are located on the platform north of the airport.
  • Make sure your Switch is adequately charged and don’t let your Switch to go sleep.
  • Don’t go leave your switch unattended while on the islands!

New to Treasure Islands? Here’s what you need to know:

  • To visit the treasure island, you’ll need to have the airport unlocked (second in-game day of play). Visit the airport and speak with Orville. Choose online play and the search via dodo code option.
  • You need to have an active Nintendo Online subscription.
  • Prepare for your trip! Don’t forget to empty your pockets before you leave your island so you have lots of room to pick up your materials and other ACNH items.
  • WUH OH?! A total of eight active players can be on the island at a given time including the host. Please note that the freebie islands are typically quite busy so you may get an interference message when trying to fly in. If you are getting an Interference error while trying to come, that is a good sign! Wuh-Oh means that you are in the queue to come to the island! You’ll see that your name will be on the list of 8 players once you’ve entered the code if the island wasn’t full. Please be patient and you can get on! ❤️ ✨ Each island holds 7 visitors: there is a hidden queue within the switch, so once you have the wuh oh error after successfully entering the dodo, don’t back out of the conversation or you’ll lose your slot! Just keep pressing A until you get on. You can refresh this page to see a fresh image to check if someone is flying in. One player can fly in at a time.

Are the ACNH Treasure Islands down?

Current Pange Plays Animal Crossing Treasure Island Visitors and Status

Purrito ACNH Treasure Island Map & Item Locations

PURRITO Animal Crossing Treasure Island Map

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    By doing any of these three things, you can access the members only area to get my ACNH dodo codes any time, plus use my treasure island item spawner bots to drop items on request or inject adoptable villagers. For Twitch and YouTube integration, you’ll need to link your Discord account to your Twitch or YouTube in your Discord account settings.

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