Pange Plays Minecraft Server

Welcome to Pange Plays Minecraft Server! First I have a bedrock server that I stream that is accessable to members only on Discord. Secondly I have a Public Minecaft Survival Server that is both open to Java and Bedrock!

How to Connect to the Public Pange Plays Minecraft Survival Server

The server ip is

The Server Runs GeyserMC to allow bedrock connections to a Java server. Therfore the underlying server software is Java so some things will act different then Bedrock normally works.

When using bedrock, would recommend adding the GeyserOptionalPack this pack allows ya to see things that are not in Bedrock.

Any problems connecting lets us know on Discord in #minecraft

Pange Plays Minecraft

Server Rules:

  1. Be respectful to other players in in-game chat. –
  2. No PVP
  3. Don’t break, damage, burn, blow up other people’s builds.
  4. Please Don’t steal from other people’s chests / bases / etc. – Don’t kill other people’s livestock / pets / animals.
  5. No hacking / cheating / etc.
  6. No trolling.
  7. If you take things from the communal storage area, you must also contribute things to the communal storage area.

We reserve the right to kick anyone from the server if you’re breaking these rules, or causing trouble for other members in the server in some way that we didn’t foresee at the time of creating these guidelines. :pangeCatLOL: Be kind to each other and have fun! BTW alot of these rules are applied using the land claim system in game.


Pange Plays Minecraft Java/Bedrock Server commands

You can link Bedrock and Java accounts use /linkaccount <your name here> command in game, and you will be prompted to link java and microsoft accounts.

Set Your Home:

When standing in your home /sethome

/home – to teleport home

/delhome – to remove saved home


/chatcolor – gui to setup ingame chat color

/mvwho – list of players online

Account Linking:

To link Bedrock and Java accounts use /linkaccount your name here command in game and you will be prompted to link the accounts. AFTER you can link discord with /discord link and the follow the instructions

Discord Server

Jump on our Discord Server to see who is online, and chat with people ingame from discord.

You can link discord account with server with /discord link and the follow the instructions.

Pange Plays Minecraft

How To Connect from Nintendo Switch


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