Hocus Pocus Treasure Island

Hocus Pocus DIY and Decor Item Treasure Island Map

Hocus Pocus Treasure Island

Hocus Pocus is a magical Animal Crossing Treasure Island I host on YouTube and Twitch!

Hocus Pocus has a Max Bells @ Nooks Cranny
Turnips on Hocus Pocus are magical! Take one stack from outside Nook’s Cranny and sell it on the island. You will get no bells in your pockets, but when you get back to your island, your ABD will have 999,999,999 bells! CONGRATULATIONS! KAPOW You’re a bellionaire! 💰💰💰💰💰 (Please note that your nook mile achievement for selling turnips will reset to zero.)

Here are the current Items on the Animal Crossing Treasure Island FULL ITEM LIST HERE

  • DIYs A-Z
  • Wallpaper A-Z
  • Rugs A-Z
  • Flooring A-Z
  • Gold Tools
  • Nook Mile Tickets
  • Royal Crowns (sell for bells)
  • Precrafted Nook Mile DIY Decor (fountains, silos, etc)
  • Materials
  • Item Collections
    • Throwback Set
    • Diner Set
    • Imperial Set
    • Cute Set
    • Antique Set
    • Rattan Set
    • Toy Day Event Set
    • Festivale Event Set
    • Sanrio Set
    • Spooky Decor
    • Spooky Event Candy – Lollipops and Candy
  • Unofficial Decor Theme Areas
    • Camping
    • Outdoor Living
    • Bathroom
    • Laundry
    • Teddy Bears
    • Gardening
    • School
    • Electronics / Entertainment
    • Box Sofas
    • Musical Instruments
  • Misc Decor Section contains:
    • Loft Bed with Desk
    • Tapestry
    • Poolside Beds
    • Safe
    • Bunk Bed
    • Pet Bed
    • Cat Tower
    • Tatami Bed

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