Chat Rank Tiers

As you spend time in the Pange Plays chat on YouTube or Twitch, you earn PangeBells, our fictional channel currency. You can spend these points on sound effects or mini games, or you can hoard them to earn ranks. Here are the rank tiers for both YouTube and Twitch. Please note that you have a separate PangeBell balance for both YouTube and Twitch, and you can’t transfer PangeBells from one platform to the other.

Rank NamePangeBell Requirements
Star Dust 500
Super Star1,000
Star Fragment5,000
Cosmic Pange Peep10,000
Lunar Pange Peep25,000
Stellar Pange Peep50,000
Extraterrestrial Pange Peep75,000
Celestial Pange Peep100,000
Intergalactic Pange Peep150,000
Heavenly Pange Peep200,000