Mods Used by Pange

Mods are a great way to modify the game experience on a variety of games. Mods Used on WispyWoods Island (Animal Crossing New Horizons) WispyWoods is my spooky Halloween themed island in Animal Crossing New Horizons). I’m creating this island on a switch with mods installed. I’m using the following mods by Doom_ACNH (check their… Continue reading Mods Used by Pange

Pange’s Place Discord and Treasure Island ✨Updates✨

Happy Monday! I’ve got exciting news to share regarding the Animal Crossing New Horizons treasure islands, the Pange Plays discord server, and the website! Here’s what’s new around here: Hocus Pocus Treasure Island Now Has CUSTOMIZED FENCE COLOURS! The last big update for Animal Crossing brought us a ton of new items, and a variety… Continue reading Pange’s Place Discord and Treasure Island ✨Updates✨

ACNH Treasure Islands Memberships

Hi! I’m happy to share a new way to gain access to my ACNH treasure islands. You can subscribe directly to my Discord server to gain the Treasure Island Member role via this link: This is cheaper way to subscribe and support the animal crossing treasure islands if you don’t need the YouTube perks… Continue reading ACNH Treasure Islands Memberships

12 Days of Christmas – Looking for YOUR Festive Islands! Animal Crossing

Festive season is in full swing, and so many of our Animal Crossing New Horizons islands are starting to look so Christmasy! I’m looking to tour some Christmas Animal Crossing dream addresses for an upcoming series, 12 Days of Christmas! If you have a festive island (or a winter vibe), feel free to submit to… Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas – Looking for YOUR Festive Islands! Animal Crossing

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